An annual exercise involving Moroccan and French frigates in the face of a “maritime emergency”.

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As part of joint bilateral cooperation between Morocco and France, the Royal Navy frigate Allal ben Abdallah joined the French frigate Lucerkov as part of the regular annual naval exercise Chebec 2022.

The two ships left the French port of Toulon on April 14, according to an official report on Twitter by the French Embassy in Morocco.

The same source added, “The purpose of these exercises is to maintain joint action and the ability to respond to maritime emergencies.”

As part of that, the French Navy’s official website said on Monday, “The frigates of the Royal Moroccan Navy, French ‘La Fayette Surcouf’ and allal ben Abdellah, are now conducting joint exercises as part of ‘CHEBEC22’. announced it was going 26th edition.

Through various exercises, crews and training, they promote “interoperability” at the same time, especially as a naval crew coming from the port of Toulon in France, one of her major maritime hubs in Europe and France. It supports interoperability at points.

This annual naval exercise aims to “maintain our ability to respond cooperatively to crises and situations at sea”, with exercises simulating this type of operation, and this year’s emergency and offshore rescue situations.

This 26th edition of the annual “CHEBEC22” exercise allows for joint exercises on the pavement and, according to French sources, “surveillance, maritime security and to maintain the ability of the parties to act and respond together. “Each of us has a shared field of experience, if necessary, in the event of a maritime crisis,” the French Navy said.

Relations between Paris and Rabat have gone through a period of “stalemate and cold” for months, but some supporters say they are beyond a “quiet crisis”. However, cooperation in the military field will not be affected, in particular participation in the annual naval exercise Chebec, one of the most prominent stations of the historic and close military cooperation between the navies of the two countries.

The Royal Moroccan Navy previously participated in the same exercise called ‘chebec’ in its 2018 edition, bringing together the Moroccan frigate Tariq ibn Ziyad and the French frigate Sarkov. Moroccan frigate Mohammed VI 701 participated in the 2019 edition for the first time in the history of this naval military exercise in the port of Toulon, France.

Nour el Houda Bouzammour

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