French Actor Rahim: I’m Algerian and I like working with Moroccan Filmmakers

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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The French actor Tahar Rahim claimed about the possibility of taking part in a film by a Moroccan director: “I have no problem working with a director of his nationality, especially if the role suits me. If it suits how he works with me,” he added.

Early in his film career,  Tahar Rahim, who took part in his FBM  show “Facing Bilal Marmid”, broadcast by Medi 1 tv, said: It is related to their home country where my parents and I lived together when we immigrated from France to the United States. ”

Bilal marmid’s guest added in his episode a video from Marrakech where the 19th International Film Festival was held, “That actor and name rounded out my memory and my artistic journey. ”

Similarly, Rahim explains “At the time, as much as I loved movies, I wanted to see them in theatres, It was a great pleasure for me to turn my time into a passion for this field. ”

“When I was young, I couldn’t get enough movie tickets on a daily basis, so I started to have many adventures to earn money to satisfy my passion for movies. , I decided to incorporate this field into a practical field that transforms space and my livelihood, especially since I have been cultivating it with great enthusiasm,” said the French representative.

Regarding his participation in the last “un prophète”, Tahar Rahim said: At first, I didn’t like the lighting and direction of the media. But thanks to the success of that film, I entered a world of different dimensions and indicators and learned how to deal with it over time.

Talking about Marrakech and welcoming the 19th edition of his International Film Festival, French actor Tahar Rahim said, “These dates represent an opportunity for the wide dissemination of film productions, and because they transcend the borders in which they are produced.”

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