Fayrouz lights her 87th candle… The truth about the icon’s birthday

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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“Fayrouz Lovers” celebrated the 87th birthday of their Lebanese artist, Fayrouz, on November 20, and not the 21st, as is commonly believed, and this is a fact confirmed by her daughter, Rima Asi Rahbani, every year.

Rima gives the lady’s lovers and fans across the Arab world the opportunity to greet her with video messages, commenting on his annual post published by the official page of Fayrouz.

Fayrouz’s daughter published a video of her mother lighting a single candle on her birthday cake, looking at the camera with a shy smile while radiating happiness from her eyes, which the hearts of her fans have always attached to, while the holiday song sounds in the background before the scene ends with the sound of her laughter

With the long absence from the lady’s meeting with her lovers, at parties since 2011, Rima Rahbani is keen from time to time to reassure the audience of “Neighbor of the Moon” in a warm way, confirming that she is still fine. She quickly makes news headlines and enjoys festive interaction on communication sites.

However, the photos that Rima published of the family last June, during the commemoration of the thirty-sixth anniversary of the death of the father, the composer Assi Rahbani, in a church in Lebanon, revealed another aspect of the icon that may be completely unknown to its audience.

Fayrouz’s voice remains one of the most influential voices in the hearts of her lovers throughout the Arab world, for generations, since the start of her career in the fifties of the last century, a voice that has not diminished its lustre and influence with the succession of time.

Soukaina Sghir

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