Syria: Daesh launches new fatwa at the execution of ladies threatening Moroccans

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Plunged into chaos and terror, threatens to once again become the scene of the most horrific carnage. This time the crimes are being continued by the so-called “Islamic State Judge”, who recently issued a new “fatwa” aimed at killing a number of women, including Moroccans, in the Al-Hol camp, He was accused of being an “unauthorized critical intellectual.” activity”.

Executioners of the terrorist organization Daesh accused women of participating in spreading ideas contrary to the doctrines imposed by the Caliphate, according to sources at the Coordinating Commission for the Families of Moroccan Internees in Syria and Iraq. Preparing to kill the group.

Moroccan names are on the list of those to be executed by terrorist groups, sources say. They say that some Moroccan women and their children, living in fear of being discovered, suffer the same fate as the prisoners, moving from tent to tent to escape the executioners.

Moroccan families detained in the Al-Hol camp in northern Syria are now in a critical situation after an “IS judge” announced his announcement that no one, neither women nor children, would be excluded from the list.

In this regard, the Coordination Commission cautioned against delays in the “repatriation” of family members to Morocco by the Moroccan authorities. The women say they are willing to accept all kinds of punishment if they return to Morocco instead of staying in Syria and watching their children be killed in front of them.

But the issue of the return of these ISIS fighters poses some problems for both Morocco and other countries. The Interior Ministry’s annual balance sheet dedicated to the first eight months of 2022 shows that these fighters are attempting to infiltrate their countries of origin to carry out terrorist activities, posing a significant security threat. This indicates that the women are more willing to endure any pain to save their families back in Morocco than to stay in Syria and watch their children be killed in front of them.

Moroccan authorities estimate the number of Moroccans detained in Syria, Iraq, and Kurds at 277, including 65 men, 30 women, 182 children, and 17 minor orphans. Please be careful.

The commission gives another figure, counting 97 women held in camps in northern Syria, with 259 children and 25 minor orphans. As for detained male combatants, this number reaches nearly 130, in addition to her 10 prisoners in Iraqi prisons, including two women.

Nour el Houda Bouzammour

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