Algeria: Military Exercise “Desert Shield 2023” Begins at Moroccan Gates

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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The joint Russian-Algerian military exercise “Desert Shield 2022” began this lasted 12 days at the Hammaguir base (Colomb Bechar region), a few kilometres from the Moroccan border.

The exercise, called “War on Terror,” was intended to practice the anti-terrorism tactics of both armies in the desert and arid regions. However, the only terrorists in the region operate under the name of the Polisario separatists.

In short, this is the first time Algeria has hosted such an event on “its territory”. Similar to the first Russian-Algerian counter-terrorism exercise in October 2021 in Russia’s North Caucasus, about 200 soldiers from the Russian-Algerian counter-terrorism forces are taking part. Terrorists include armoured vehicles, howitzers, planes, helicopters and drones.

Russia’s defence said the exercise was designed to search for, detect and destroy illegal armed groups, but was not said to be part of a major terrorist group, the Polisario. However, a Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman previously pointed out that these joint operations were not directed against “any third country.”

For Moscow and Algeria, these operations are proportionate to Africa’s largest military exercise, the Africa Lions Exercise, led by Morocco and the United States, scheduled for 2023 at the same time and place, and pay tribute to the East. Representation is done of Eden. Moscow and Algiers certainly have strong dynamics, not only in foreign policy but above all in military cooperation.

In October, the Russian and Algerian navies conducted joint exercises in the Mediterranean, and in September, Algeria participated in the Vostok 2022 command and staff strategic military exercise. On November 16, the two countries launched the anti-terrorism exercise Desert Shield 2022. Also, the main reason behind the bilateral relationship between Algeria and Russia is military-technical cooperation.

The Algerian leader, at least those in power, the ageing ANP intends to double the military budget using funds raised from the surge in natural gas prices on the world market. Still, it is not certain if most of the funds are currently available. Buy Russian weapons and equipment. You might think some capos are funny, but not this one.

Admittedly, this keeps us from the sand and powder of Columbus Bechar, but Chinese weapons are slowly gaining market share in the Algerian Armed Forces.

China, Turkish and Iran combat drones In addition to purchasing the aircraft, Algeria received the first battery of China’s YJ-12E mobile coastal missile system shortly after ordering. The Chinese missile system was reportedly purchased in lieu of a previously planned acquisition of the Russian missile battalion 3K55 Bastion.

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