A British company discovered a “new gas-producing area in Morocco”.

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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British company SDX announced that “two new gas discoveries have been made in Morocco following a successful campaign to drill two wells,” according to a company statement issued Monday morning.

The same statement said that the “SAK-1” was already connected to the company’s infrastructure, and that “his P50 estimate prior to drilling was on the high side of 440 million cubic feet” of gas. Tests show it exists.

“This well will open up a new production area northwest of the company’s main well base,” the energy company itself added. The company has been intervening for years through drilling and drilling in the Western and Arabian regions. Within the area called SAK

The same source mentioned before stressed that “KSR-20 is likely to have gas available” and that “once the permit work is completed and connected, pressure build-up should be expected before production operations.” It will be tested for to the network, along with the timely disclosure of available opportunities”.

In light of these ‘achievements’, the SDX has identified several drilling prospects announced for the 2023 plan to ‘expand the drilling campaign next year. We have identified the above opportunities. Morocco is covered by three-dimensional seismic survey techniques, 25 of which are of high grade and contain her P50 resources totalling 20 billion cubic feet of unaffected.

Similarly, Mark Reid, the CEO of British energy company SDX, quoted the following comment: Morocco continues to be a key region for SDX’s potential growth,” he said, looking forward to planning further drilling in 2023.

Nour el Houda Bouzammour

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