The National Defense budget exceeds 62 billion dirhams

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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The Foreign Affairs, National Defense, Islamic Affairs, and Moroccan Expatriates committee report revealed in the House of Representatives, That the total budget of the National Defense Administration during 2023 will reach 62.6 billion dirhams, Equivalent to 5.2 percent of Morocco’s gross domestic product.

According to the report, 52 billion dirhams were allocated to the National Defense Administration, in addition to 10.4 billion dirhams to the total cover of the 2023 budget as Performance appropriations for joint expenditure contributions to the state’s general budget, in order to cover the military debt service and pay the dues resulting from long-term contracts at the level of achievement, according to the report.

The commitment credits also increased, by 4.2 billion dirhams according to the same source, in order to cover receivables, finance deals in the process of completion, and to complete the necessary new agreements in order to continue the equipping of the Royal Armed Forces.

The equipment budget of the National Defense Administration includes performance and commitment credits that did not know any change compared to 2022, The performance credits settled at 5.1 billion dirhams, while the commitment credits reached 3.4 billion dirhams.

The sub-budget of the National Defense Administration for 2023 includes the acquisition of equipment including weapons and ammunition, for the benefit of the Royal Armed Forces with its various components, land, air, sea and the Royal Gendarmerie, with the repair and maintenance of military equipment for the benefit of the Royal Armed Forces with all its components.

Afaf Al Fahchouch

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