Morocco and the United States: Strengthening cooperation in the field of financial management

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Morocco and the United States reaffirmed their desire to strengthen and institutionalize bilateral and multilateral cooperation in the field of financial management.

First President of the Court of Accounts Zineb el Adaoui and her American counterpart Eugene during a bystander meeting at the 24th International Conference of Supreme Auditing Institutions (INCOSAI) held Nov. 7-11. Luis Dodaro said, “We discussed cooperation priorities and a roadmap for institutionalizing cooperation between the two institutions.”

The two officials also discussed cooperation with African countries linked by long-standing cooperation between Morocco and the United States.

Zineb El-Adaoui stressed three key areas of partnership to build and deepen with the American side.

“We will work in three areas, including overseeing key strategic reforms and reviewing programs characterized by various stakeholders and funding sources (governments, local governments, public institutions and businesses, public-private partnerships, etc.). We are planning to cooperate with our US counterparts. ‘ she explained.

According to the first Director General of the General Accounting Office, “is to look at how to oversee these multi-stakeholder programs and how to ensure their successful implementation, and through our recommendations, we will be able to develop wealth and future prospects.” It means enabling us to more effectively create the services of a better citizen.”

Additionally, the two officials agreed to work together on specific tasks such as water management assessments.

The idea is to initiate concrete and practical cooperation, “We have decided to institutionalize this cooperation under a cooperative agreement between the Court of Accounts and the U.S. Government Accountability Office,” zineb claimed.

The parts mentioned before discussed working with African countries that previously benefited from the Kingdom’s support, especially in establishing independent audit firms, “We also work with African countries through “INTOSAI” (International Organization of Supreme Auditing Institutions) to enhance their professional skills. ”

Furthermore, zineb declared “In fact, we are proposing to become a facilitator of a US cooperation program dedicated to Africa.”

She concluded, “All of these axes will be formalized in treaties that may be signed during a visit by U.S. Administration officials to the Kingdom of Morocco next year.”

Nour El Houda Bouzammour

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