Spanish Interior Minister: I am fully responsible for what happened at the Melilla Wall on June 24th

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The Spanish Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande Marlasca, declared that he has no problem with appearing before a committee of inquiry to explain what happened during the attempts to storm the occupied Melilla wall last June, “if part of the parliamentary blocs agrees to that.”

According to the newspaper “Alvaro de Melilla”, the partners of the Spanish team government called for the second time, last Thursday, to establish an investigative committee in Parliament, in order to clarify the tragedy on the Melilla fence, where at least 23 migrants lost their lives.

Marlaska said in a statement, “There is no objection to an agreement in this way because we are a transparent government.”

The Spanish Minister of the Interior insisted that he was “to the fullest extent responsible for what happened in Melilla”, calling on the Popular Party to “leave the Civil Guard alone,” according to the same source.

The spokesman added: “We were touched by the tragedy that occurred on June 24, but what cannot be forgotten is the violent attack, and how the Civil Guard acted, as it always does in terms of legality and proportionality,” expressing his satisfaction with the support he received from the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez.

Soukaina Sghir

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