Twitter expels a group of its employees after Elon Musk’s acquisition of the platform

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Twitter confirmed its expulsion of a group of its employees after its new billionaire owner Elon Musk took over the administration, with the aim of reducing the company’s costs.

Many employees of the company received an email saying, “Today is your last working day on Twitter,” as announced by the company.

The letter also stated, “You will remain an employee of Twitter and receive your compensation until February 2 this year, during which time you will be in a no-work notification period and your access to Twitter systems will be invalidated.”

The letter added, “Employees are not expected to work during this period, but must still comply with all of the company’s policies, including the Employee Manual and Code of Conduct.”

Billionaire Elon Musk recently managed to acquire Twitter for $44 billion and rushed to fire senior managers on the social media site.

According to Reuters, Musk’s first step after the deal was to dismiss the top leadership of the social media company, which he accused of misleading him about the number of spam accounts on the platform. ”

Nour El Houda Bouzamour

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