The Moroccan labor market records a decrease the participation of women and youth

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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The Ministry of Economic Inclusion, Small business, Employment and Skills, revealed that Morocco has recorded a weakness in the labour market, especially between women and youth.

the Ministry showed that the country contains 12.4 million active people and 1.4 million unemployed.

The ministry remarked, in the presentation of the draft sub-budget, that the activity rate at the national level was 45.2 percent, compared to 15.5 percent of unemployment in urban areas, and 4.2 percent in rural areas.

The ministry’s data showed that about 48.6 percent of the active people do not have a certificate, and only 13.6 percent of active people have a high level of education; While 18 percent of the unemployed are degree holders compared to 3.6 percent for those without a degree, more than two-thirds are long term unemployed, and about half of the unemployed have never worked.

The data also recorded a weak contribution of women in the labour market, whereas about four out of five women are outside the employment market, and the activity rate of women with high-level diplomas does not exceed 43.2 percent.

The Ministry attributed the reason, to the necessity of taking care of children or the home, at the rate of 52.7 percent, while 18 percent prefer not to work, and 15.7 percent of their husbands or father did not consent to their employment.

Afaf Al Fahchouch

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