Former French minister Najat Vallaud Belkassem hopes warmth returns to Paris-Rabat relations

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Najat Vallaud Belkassem, a former French Minister for Education from Moroccan origins, expressed her “desire that Morocco and France will go back strongly to their preceding times, making sure that they maintain with the identical first-class and sturdiness for which they have got historically been known.”

In a statement to a Moroccan digital newspaper, at the sidelines of its participation in a panel dialogue entitled “Lessons of Covid-19 – Ending this pandemic and making ready for the future”, on the 14th consultation of the Medays International Forum, Balkassam made no mystery of her difficulty that “Morocco-France relations have persisted to become worse in latest times”, after common stressful symptoms of a  “silent disaster amongst conventional allies”.

“Frankly, there is hard work and hard efforts on the part of the various living forces and actors to give new impetus to the relations between Rabat and Paris, and bring the two peoples and cultures into contact, which also raises their level of cooperation.”

Commending the geostrategic role held with the aid of using the Moroccan kingdom in its nearby and continental environment among Europe and Africa (North and South), she took into consideration that, given the “diplomatic, financial and college objectives and the stability of the 2 parties”, noting that “France and Morocco had a very advanced interest in bilateral relations; I will spare no effort, happily, to bring their views closer together. ”

Nour el Houda Bouzamour

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