Living the World Cup in Qatar without a ticket is now possible!

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The 2022 World Cup organizers are paving the way for fans who don’t have tickets. They can go to Qatar!

The organizers of the World Cup (November 20-December 18) announced on Thursday, November 3, that from December 2, it is no longer mandatory to have a ticket to return to Qatar.

On the other hand, it is always necessary to register online to have a Hayya card, which, since November 1st, serves as a visa. You will also have to pay 500 Qatari riyals (about 1,400 Moroccan dirhams) in fees. Children under the age of 12 are exempt.

Before December 2, each spectator can enter Qatar, accompanied by up to three guests (who must also pay entry fees).

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior and the 2022 World Cup forces, Jabr Al-Nuaimi, said at a press conference: «people without tickets will be allowed to enter the State of Qatar after the end of the group phase, starting December 2, without needing a ticket, in order to enjoy the atmosphere of the World Cup with the rest of the fans and teams present in the country».

Nour el Houda Bouzamour

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