Green Hydrogen: A partnership between the British Charlot and UM6P

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In order to assess the economic viability of large-scale green hydrogen production in Morocco, the British firm Chariot is preparing to develop pilot projects in collaboration with the Mohammed VI Polytechnique University (UM6P).

The UK energy specialist Chariot Limited, UM6P and electrolysis system manufacturer Oort Energy have recently entered into a partnership for the development of green hydrogen pilot projects in Morocco, indicating this Friday, November 4, 2022, a communique from Chariot.

Using a polymer electrolytic membrane (PEM) electrolyser system patented by Oort, the announced pilot projects will separate the components of the water molecule (H2O) to produce green hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O2) using renewable energy sources.

Nour el Houda Bouzamour

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