Nasser Bourita Administers Diplomacy lessons in Ramtane Lamamra

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Nasser Bourita gave yesterday Tuesday in Algiers, an interview to the channel Sky News Arabia. He gave details of the non-participation of King Mohammed VI at the Arab summit and responded to the allegations distilled by the head of Algerian diplomacy, revealing the real responsible for the permanent deterioration of Moroccan-Algerian relations.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans living abroad, Nasser Bourita, has confirmed that it is well planned that King Mohammed VI will participate in the Arab League summit, which ends on Wednesday 2 November in Algiers.

In an interview broadcast yesterday, Tuesday 1 November by the channel Sky News Arabia, Nasser Bourita said that «the King was among the first leaders to express his willingness to participate in this summit of the Arab League and even informed several other Arab Kings and Heads of State». He added that the Arab League was also informed of Mohammed VI’s presence in Algiers, but that in the end «the conditions were not met» to allow the sovereign to move to the Algerian capital.

Nasser Bourita also pointed out that there was a logic to the presence of a Moroccan delegation in Algiers, because «the high royal instructions are to differentiate between bilateral and multilateral relations, in this case, the Arab joint action». In other words, the presence of Mohammed VI at the Arab summit would have been proof of responsibility towards his peers, but also towards the joint Arab action.

These clarifications sound like a scathing response to remarks made last Monday by the Algerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ramtane Lamamra, who told another Arab channel, Al Hadath, that “Based on what was announced, we thought King Mohammed VI was going to personally attend this summit and we were informed this morning that this will not be the case… It is up to historians to say in the future whether there was a missed opportunity for the Arab Maghreb and the Arab world… And, if the answer is positive, to say who would assume such a failure».

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