The former Egyptian star expects to reach Morocco’s second round in Qatar World Cup

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Former Egyptian national team player and sports analyst “Wael Jumaa” predicted that the Moroccan team would exceed the group stage of the World Cup, despite being in a difficult group including Croatia, Belgium and Canada.

While on Qatar Cup Channel’s “My Expectations” programme, “Wael Jumaa” said he expected Morocco to qualify in second place in Group F, as well as nominate the Belgian team to take the top spot.

Regarding the prospects of the Arab teams participating in the World Cup, he confirmed that Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia would leave the competition from the first round.

The winner of the Africa Cup concluded on three consecutive occasions with the Egyptian team that the final would be between France and Brazil, and Samba dancers were likely to be crowned world titles.

Nour el houda bouzammour

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