National arts awards: the nominations for the 1st edition

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The Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication – Department of Culture – announced on Friday the opening of applications for the first edition of the National Plastic Arts Prize for the year 2022 in all regions of the Kingdom.

Applications for the National Fine Arts Award are open from October 26 to November 26, 2022, the ministry said in a statement. Explaining that this event aims to motivate artists and encourage them to be more creative and pursue their innovative efforts and discover national energies among young people while granting them financial and media support.

«The National Plastic Arts Prize» has the following categories: The National Prize for Young Painters aged 18 to 30, a competition initiated in two phases within the framework of the regional meetings organized by the Department of Culture, stresses the press release, explaining that the first is organised at regional meetings, while the second is intended for the winners of the regional meetings that will compete during the national meeting of young plastic artists for the National Artists Prize.

A prize ceremony will be held on Friday, December 23, 2022, during which the winners of the regional meetings of young painters will win 30,000 Dhs (1st prize), 20,000 Dhs (2nd prize) and 10,000 Dhs (3rd prize). For the National Young Painters Award, the winners will pocket 100,000 dhs (National Award of Excellence), 60,000 dhs (National Award of Excellence) and 40,000 dhs (National Incentive Award)

The National Prize for Artistic Photography is open to candidates over the age of 18 and includes a first prize of 60,000 dhs, the second prize of 50,000 dhs and the third prize of 40,000 dhs

For its part, the sculpture prize is intended for people over the age of 18: the 1st prize (60,000 dhs), the 2nd prize (50,000 dhs) and the 3rd prize (40,000 dhs).

Nour el houda bouzammour

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