“Alsa” offers Street Art artists a participatory space to create a mural

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Urban artists Casablancais now have a surface of artistic expression in the heart of “Bir anzarane”. “Casabus” operated by “Alsa”, provides urban artists with the wall of its headquarters to allow them to have a space dedicated to the expression of their art.

Through this initiative, launched in collaboration with the association “Alwan bladi”, “Casabus” intends to participate in the promotion of Moroccan Street Art but also in the development and beautification of this workplace. The equipment is supported by the association with the participation of “Casabus”.

Artists can send their works with an explanatory text either to “Casabus” or to the association “Alwan blade”, through their social networks or websites that will verify compliance with the established charter and editorial line.

In a press release, “Casabus” indicates to those concerned that they can inform themselves through it about the modalities of participation. Artists such as “Brams” and “neo-nesty” have already begun to decorate the wall with their works, it is said.

“Casabus” thus recalls being a partner of the city of Casablanca and has always contributed to its enrichment through actions in particular for its cultural heritage and the Street Art to which the company is particularly committed.

“Alsa” also signed in Casablanca, in 2021, is the largest mural of the metropolis thus adorning one of the walls of its headquarters located on the intersection of Roudani and Yaacoub El Mansour boulevards.

Nour el houda bouzammour

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