75% of Moroccan habits has disturbed by the covid -19

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Whether in terms of values or consumption habits, the health crisis has clearly transformed societies, with Moroccans no exception, according to a survey conducted by the Madrid-based International Advisory Agency “MARCO”.

The study carried out in May and June 2022, among 14,200 people in 14 countries, confirms this finding and highlights that in all social classes, generations and regions combined, 75% of Moroccans say that the pandemic has changed them.

The survey “MARCO 2022: Consumption habits after the Covid-19 pandemic” gathered the opinions of respondents on a selection of themes ranging from brand responsibility to the environment, to sources of information, instead of social networks, Cryptocurrency and metaverse.

The most notable transformation revealed by this survey lies in the requirements of Moroccans vis-à-vis brands and companies. They are very strong, and not only in terms of product quality or quality/price ratio.

Environmental protection, sustainability, the well-being of employees and the values of diversity are all criteria that guide the choices made by Moroccans, Knowing that women have much stronger positions on these issues that involve brand responsibility.

Thus, 84% of Moroccans consider it very important (63%) or important (21%) that a brand or a company treats its employees correctly. Women are more sensitive to this since 89% consider it very important or important (21%). Geographically, 88% of respondents are more sensitive to the treatment of employees in the Atlantic region.

According to the survey, the promotion of diversity by a brand or company is considered very important (59%) or important (32%) for 91% of Moroccans. The highest percentage is in the southern regions of the country, at 95%.

When asked whether what is most important is a trend brand or a responsible brand’, 51% of them adhere to the responsibility of the brands with a much more marked plebiscite among women who 60% say they prefer the more responsible brands against 47% among men.

The higher the age group, the more important the responsibility is to the respondents. Thus, they are 64% among 40/65-year-olds and only 42% among 18/25 years old

As regards the respect of the environment by brands, low-income households are more sensitive to this. 91% of Moroccans consider it very important (67%) or important (24%) that a brand or an enterprise

Overall, women are more concerned about the social and environmental responsibilities of a brand. The low cost of the product comes only in 4th position among them.

The MARCO survey also confirms new trends in the use of social networks, which have become major sources of information.

The Moroccans interviewed say they consult very often, as sources of information available, Facebook (53%), Whatsapp (51%) and Instagram (46%).

Men are more likely to check Facebook often 55% while Instagram is the number one source for 62% of women who also like WhatsApp 58%. Television comes in 4th position and it is men who watch it more often to inform themselves (33%) than women (27%). It is in the 40/65 age group that the small screen is the most important for 75% who watch it a lot or often. Of all respondents, 44% said they rarely watch TV for information.

In this same age group, radio is also important since it comes in 4th position with 32% who listen to it very often. Online newspapers 29%, Twitter 29% and LinkedIn 25% are also more important for 40/65 years old when the print media represents only 20%, of all respondents.

However, in terms of the reliability of the information, television continues to make up the lion’s share, with 68% of Moroccans considering it very reliable (39%) or reliable (29%).

It should also be noted that only 28% of print media consider it “very reliable”.

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