The short film “layla” represents Morocco in international festivals

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The Moroccan short film “Layla”, directed by Yasine El Ghazi, will be launched at the Egyptian American Film and Arts Festival in the United States, which will mark the beginning of its events between 4 and 6 November, and marks Morocco at the Women’s Film Festival in Palestine, Gaza on 26 October.

“I am very excited to be participating in the short film ‘Layla’ at festivals in both Palestine and the United States. May God express Moroccan cinema in the best possible way”. Said the Director Yasin El-Ghazi to “Bladna24eng”.

The Moroccan director Yassine ghazi, has won the Best Director Award for his  short film ‘Layla’ at the International Short Film Festival in Kalkota, India.

“Layla” movie’s, is not the first one for its director, Yassin Ghazi, becauser he has featured several films before including “Echo Bap”, which highlights the shunty towns problems.

Additionally, there is “Rukayah” movie, which addresses the problem of underage marriage in Morocco, a film that has won several national and international awards, in both Iraq and Germany.

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