Morocco-Algeria: When and Where?


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The National Under-20 Team faces Algeria on Friday, as a part of the second day of the North African Union Football Tournament (UNAF) qualifier for the CAN 2023.

The Lion cub of Atlas U20, will play this Friday, October 21, their second match of the North African Football Union (UNAF) qualifier for the African Cup of Nations Egypt 2023, against the Algerian selection.

This meeting scheduled at the new Suez stadium, where it will be followed as a live from 2pm (Moroccan time) and will be broadcast on the Youtube channel of the North African Football Union (UNAF).

The Moroccan national selection of under-20s has, as a reminder, started its course with a 0-0 draw against the Tunisian team last Tuesday. For its part, the Algerian team drew a draw against Libya (1-1).

On the other hqnd, Egypt will host the North African Union U-20 football tournament from 18 to 24 October, with the participation of four teams: Morocco, Tunisia, Libya and Algeria, only one of which will be qualified for the next CAN U20, scheduled from 18 February to 18 March 2023.

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