Bouchra Baibanou returns to Morocco after 29 days of climbing Manaslu


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The Moroccan mountaineer Bouchra Baibanou, tried the 8th highest summit in the world, Mount Manaslu.

Bouchra’s adventure began in early September for 29 days of ascent in critical weather conditions, which caused several deaths and serious injuries among the climbers, which prompted her to interrupt the adventure.

On September 2, 2022, Bouchra Baibanou began her journey to the summit of Mount Manaslu in Nepal, which is one of the most rugged peaks in the world with an altitude of 8.163 m, located in the Himalayan Mountains known for its pyramidal relief.

“This ascent is especially important to me. I wanted to reach the real summit of Mount Manaslu, which was going to be a first», said the climber.

Two avalanches fell on Mount Manaslu causing several victims among the climbers, some even lost their lives like the great mountaineer Hillary Nelson, others were injured. “Despite this, I tried to climb to the top after the first avalanche, but the climate deteriorated, and there was a lot of wind and cold, even though I reached the camp4 at 7,400 m, we waited more than 4 hours hoping that the climate will improve, but in vain. So I finally decided to come down and end this adventure. I understood that the mountain did not want and I respected her decision,” she claimed

Disappointed, but as a heroine, Bouchra Baibanou made the wise decision to return to Morocco after 29 days of ascent. The same disappointment was experienced by the majority of climbers present for this climb, who were also unable to reach the summit.

the Moroccan mountaineer wrote on her Facebook account: “I could not reach the summit, but I learned a lot. I have learned that life is short and that it is better to live every moment with much gratitude and love. You don’t always succeed, but you have to enjoy your stay. Sometimes you have to know when to stop, it’s not an easy decision, but you have to be brave and know when to quit.”

Manaslu, confirms its reputation as one of the most difficult summits to climb. It remains a legendary climb in the course of any mountaineer.

It should be noted, that these difficult climatic conditions are due to the climate change that the earth is experiencing, and which manifests itself clearly in the mountains. It is a wake-up call to do something and save our planet, each on its own.

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