The first edition rally morocco: festival attracted more than 120,000 spectators


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The Stars of Moroccan and international music have succeeded each other on the stages of the two cities of southern Morocco, offering music lovers new shows celebrating world music and giving pride of place to the new Moroccan scene and Amazigh culture.

An artistic scene worthy of major festivals

In Agadir as in Laâyoune, the invited artists ensured an exceptional show and reached the spectators in a festive atmosphere. Agadir’s Al Amal Square was the scene of an exceptional concert thanks to renowned artists such as Dadju, Aminux, Dada, DJ Van, El Grande Toto, Abdelfattah Grini, the dance troupe Teamgharine and DJ Aymoune.

The same ambiance was dominating on Monday 3 October in Laâyoune at El Mechouar square for a completely different style of music. A concert of nearly 3h that put in honor the Moroccan music Hassanie with as stars Saida Charaf, one of the icons of the Moroccan music and the star Douzi.

Additionally, The audience also danced with the sounds of DJ Red Supa, and enjoyed the beats of Laayoune Awazane and Bakari Gnawa, where african music was worthily represented by the singer Patrick Ilanga.

More than 100,000 spectators headed to Al Amal Square in Agadir to attend the first evening of the Morocco Rally Festival. A concert during which the spectators took communion with the guest artists, celebrating Moroccan music and its Amazigh, Hassania and African cultures.

Celebrities from around the world to show the beautiful side of Morocco

Celebrities from all over the world have gathered in Agadir to be at the forefront of the Morocco Rally Festival, enjoying discovering this city and already planning to come back for the next edition.

This is the case of several of them, including Hayley Palmer, presenter and producer on Sky TV and BBC Radio Solent, reality TV star Antigoni Buxton, Darren Kennedy, TV host and interior design columnist based in New York or Nick Ede, Presenter of Good Morning Britain on English television and influencer, who discovered the richness of Moroccan history and culture for the first time, and who shared his joy by visiting the city of Agadir and its gastronomic richness.

On the other hand, there was Also the English singers and celebrities Larissa Eddie and Passant Shams Ell Dean, presenter on MBC 4 and chahed TV. As well as Tonia Buxton, TV host, famous chief and columnist and Soraya Lamari, Managing Editor of Perfect Magazine London. Actor and comedian Wahid Bouzidi and the famous Thierry Henry, former football player were also in the game.

The Morocco Rally Festival received a large amount of media coverage. Moroccan and international media representatives covered the cultural event.

Such a presence and coverage give a more festive dimension to the Morocco Rally Festival and show the world the beauty and cultural richness of our country and that of the southern region. We are pleased with this first edition and more than ever determined to perpetuate this event, and make it an essential event in the artistic calendar», the members of the organization said in a statement to a journalistic resource

Southern Morocco confirmed as a land of art and culture

The organization of the Morocco Rally Festival has been entrusted to TC Euro Africa who has mobilized the necessary resources to offer a high-level event. Indeed, the agency has successfully wagered a stage worthy of major festivals with a high level technique, and it has set up, in coordination with the authorities, an enhanced security system to ensure that artists and spectators enjoy a festival in the best conditions.

The artists and celebrities invited were treatedwith a warm welcome, a unique experience and an unforgettable stay. “Everything has been thought out”, said the organizers, to show what Morocco has to offer, hospitality, generosity, openness and professionalism.

As a conclusion, the organizers believe that with the success of this festival, the South of Morocco is confirmed as a must-see destination. With its natural, artistic and cultural richness, its beautiful weather all year round and its Amazigh identity that inspires the whole world, the region attracts more and more tourists who come to discover this vast heritage.

Nour el houda bouzammour

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