Berlin: The Community of Nations value the King’s Spiritual, Temporal Leadership


Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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The Community of Nations took note of the spiritual and temporal leadership embodied by his majesty the King Mohammed VI, said on Tuesday in Berlin, the Advisor of HM King André Azoulay.

A Community of Nations “which took note of Morocco’s pioneering, voluntarist and consensual commitment to the place given to otherness and respect for all our diversities in line with our historical, cultural and traditional fundamentals”, continued Mr Azoulay.

In a speech of more than an hour, the Advisor of SM the King stressed “the coherence and impact of the structural provisions put in place by Morocco in this perspective and first the preamble of the Constitution voted by the Moroccan people in July 2011, “a preamble whose verbatim mentions without exception, nor frilosity the specificity of the different civilizations that nourished and forged the very rich singularity of Moroccan society today”.

“It is in the same dynamic that we must read and understand the exceptional national and international impact that the historic inauguration in January 2020 by SM the King of Bayt Dakira in Essaouira or the rewriting and revision of textbooks, who now teach our children their entire history,’ added the King’s Advisor.

In March 2009, HM King Mohammed VI declared that “His reading of the holocaust and that of the Moroccan people are not those of amnesia, they are those of a memorial wound inscribed in one of the most painful chapters in the pantheon of the universal heritage”.

“These words and phrases spoken in Morocco, in the land of Islam, have a particular resonance today, in this room of the Bundestag, a few hundred meters from space that saw Hitler take power” President Delors, President-in-Office of the “to take the right measure of the degree of maturity, the spirit of responsibility and the ethical and universal conscience that characterize and give substance and reality to the exalting and exemplary path that Morocco has chosen to take and to favour”.

‘Talking in Berlin and in the Bundestag about the diversity that Morocco has had the talent to put at the heart of its social modernity is not an ordinary exercise,’ said Mr Azoulay.

Welcoming the presence at his side of Dr. Norbert Lammert, who chaired the Bundestag from 2005 to 2017 and now heads the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, as well as that of Mr. Armin Laschet, one of the leaders of the Union for Christian Democracy and former candidate to succeed Chancellor Angela Merkel, Mr. André Azoulay paid tribute to the Ambassador of HM the King in Germany, Ms Zohour Alaoui, for her participation and contribution to the organization and success of this conference.

Nour el houda bouzammour

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