Fixing relations between France and Morocco by sending its Minister to Rabat

france and Morocco

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After all the stances issued by France towards the Moroccans and the Sahara issue, the French president’s government is now trying to dispel what the French media call a “misunderstanding” between Rabat and Paris.

In the same matter, Paris government sent its Minister, Olivier Becht, in charge of Foreign Trade, to Morocco to hold meetings with Moroccan officials and economic actors, in an attempt to resolve the dispute that has existed for several months.

The French minister explicitly expressed his country’s desire to “overcome tensions” with Morocco, saying that “we must write a new page.”

The French government aims, by sending his Minister in charge of Foreign Trade to Morocco, is to strengthen the “long-term bilateral partnership between Morocco and France in the fields of transport and aviation”, which directly refers to Paris’s desire to preserve his current gains in the Kingdom and win deals for future projects, especially Railroad project.

The context of this comes at a time when Morocco’s intentions are to diversify the economic partners and get rid French domination of at all levels, which is a source of political circles and decision circles in Paris.

 Maha Ftiri

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