A group of Arab stars supports the artist Sherine


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Many Arab stars interacted with the crisis of the Egyptian artist, Sherine Abdel Wahab, where the singer Shada Hassoun, published a story, on her official page on the Instagram platform, expressing her solidarity with Sherine’s story, considering that everything she did was because of love.

The artist mentioned before, commented, “Betrayal, exploitation, false love, playing with minds and blind trust are all reasons why Shireen became in this situation today, and it is not easy to pass this situation for any other woman, especially with the person she used to love.”

Shada Hassoun, added: “Sherine’s fault is that she fell in love madly and chose love over life, art and everything. She was lost because of love, and she became confused in her feelings between hate and love, and this is a natural situation especially that she was in a toxic relationship with a selfish husband.”

In the same context, the Egyptian artist, Sumaya al-Khashab, expressed her full solidarity of the challenges and difficulties that the singer Sherine going through, where she posted a picture on Twitter expressing her solidarity with Sherine, praying to God that this crisis pass in peace.

Additionally, the Syrian artist, Asala Nasri, took the decision to support Sherine, by posting a tweet on her Twitter account, saying, “It is very painful that I see a colleague and friend going through a difficult situation, and I can only help her by praying, and I hope that she will overcome this bad phase because she is a strong woman as usual.”

The Diva Samira Saeed joined the list, where she shared a picture with her colleague Sherine, and linked it to a comment, which said: “Sherine, according to my friendship with you, you are strong, and I am sure that you will pass these obstacles quickly and strongly, come back to us .. and we will remain with you in all steps of your life, no matter what. The difficulty was .. We love you.”

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