Younes Sekkouri: Nearly 27,000 Moroccan workers abroad at the end of August

Moroccan workers

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Nearly 27,000 Moroccans entered the labour market abroad at the end of August, said the Minister of Economic Inclusion, Small Business, Employment and Skills” Younes Sekkouri “.
Mr Sekkouri, answered in a a central question on “Moroccan labour mobility at the international level,”that this number is spread over France (14,579 people), Spain (11,429), Qatar (109), Canada (84), Germany (80) and Saudi Arabia. (77), noting that the integrated sectors concern, in particular, agriculture, air transport, hotels, restaurants, mining and health.
It also noted that partnership relations have intensified with a number of companies in the Gulf countries, notably Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, which are Morocco’s skills are medium and highly qualified in several economic fields.
The Minister also highlighted the appointment of consultants attached to the Kingdom’s embassies in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates whose mission is to explore employment opportunities and monitor Moroccan workers.

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