The Franco-Moroccan Producer NAMX unveils its hydrogen capsule distribution system


Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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The French-Moroccan car manufacturer, NAMX, unveiled its hydrogen capsule distribution system and opened the pre-sales of its hydrogen car “to democratize access to clean energy in mobility and beyond.

The African-European technology project NAMX unveils the CapXtores, and its local network of hydrogen capsule vending machines, says the car manufacturer in a statement.

These “elegant and cost-effective” structures, will fit seamlessly into the public space and allow users to exchange empty capsules for full capsules, depending on their needs and travel: CapXperience”, identifies the same source.

The CapXtores network will not only allow users of NAMX vehicles to «refuel» easily in many places, but will also encourage the development of other capsule applications, for the home as in mobility, adds the producer.

NAMX has also announced, the launch of pre-sales for the HUV, its premium hydrogen SUV, accelerating the democratization of clean mobility, at a time when the issue is of crucial importance, at the crossroads of major geostrategic and environmental issues.

“We are very proud to launch the HUV pre-sales at the Paris Motor Show, which is one of the world’s biggest car events. This is a real turning point in the history of the development of NAMX, which responds to the enthusiasm generated by our vision and by the unveiling of the HUV last May,” said Faouzi Annajah, Moroccan co-founder of NamX, quoted in the statement.

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