Meliliia: installation of a new mechanism against identity theft and terrorism


Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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An Automated Entry and Exit System (EES) will be installed at the border crossing between Spain and Morocco in Beni Enzar to take up arms against identity theft and fraudulent use of travel documents, while helping to prevent, detect possible terrorists and other serious crime.

The government delegate in Melilia, Sabrina Moh, said that “several actions will be carried out, which have already started and will be completed in 2023, which will affect some of the existing infrastructure and which, in turn, will involve the installation of the technical equipment needed to implement the above-mentioned automated entry and exit system,”

‘This system will increase the efficiency and security of border controls by automating passenger screening processes,’ explained Sabrina Moh, as it will Among other things, to prevent the passage of persons who do not meet the entry requirements or to report persons who exceed the period of authorized stay.

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