The Marrakech International Film Festival announces the participating movies


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From November 11 to 19, the Marrakech International Film Festival will present a wide range of films 
representing cinematic experiences from all over the world.
76 films from 33 different countries will be screened in the different sections of the festival
official competition, festive screenings, special screenings, eleventh continent,
cinema panorama Moroccan cinema, emerging cinema, shows in Jemaa El Fna square and films presented
as part of the honors.
The official competition will present a set of feature films, first or second, for their directors,
aimed at revealing and promoting new talents in world cinema. 
Among the 14 films selected to participate in the competition this year, there are ten feature films,
the first for their female directors, and six films directed by female directors.
Films from 14 different countries, including two films from Latin America (Brazil and Mexico),
three films from Europe (France, Portugal and Switzerland),four films from the Middle East and Africa (MENA)
or from directors in this region (Morocco, Sweden/Somalia, Syria, Tunisia), as well as films from Australia,
Canada, Iran, Indonesia and from Turkey.
The nominated films for the festival's Golden Star allows the viewer to explore different cinematographic genres,
from fantasy films to detective films (Black movies), through historical films, social dramas, 
thrillers or melodramas, as well as to deal with subjects reflecting the concerns of the younger generation
around the world.
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