The French Embassy refuses to return the visa expenses


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The French embassy in Morocco, said that the amounts of visa applications that are rejected by consular services are not refunded, in a written reply to the correspondence sent by the Moroccan University for Consumer Protection to the embassy during the month of August, which it demanded to return the expenses to those who did not agree On their request to obtain their visas.

The letter of the French embassy, clarified that it is not possible to extract these expenses legally and refund them, explaining that the laws in force in France and all “Schengen” countries stipulate that visa duties will not refunded in the event of a rejection of the application.

The letter signed by the former ambassador, Helen Le Gal, indicated that the funds incurred when placing the visa application consist of the service fees charged by the service owner, which is “TLS” in the case of France, in return for the tasks of informing, receiving and collecting information on the one hand.

The embassy stated that France seeks to strengthen the exceptional partnership it established with Morocco in all fields and encourage all kind of movements between the two countries.

Additionally, the French consulates in Morocco processed about 150,000 visa applications between January and June 2022, stressing that the rejection rates mentioned in some media are not real.

Soukaina Sghir

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