The French judiciary canceled the decision of refusing visas of Moroccan workers

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The Administrative Court of the French city of “Nantes” confirmed that the rejection to give work visas to Moroccans had have been canceled by the the French judiciary.

Media reported, that the decision issued by the Administrative Court included an order for the French Minister of the Interior to issue visas to the complaining workers within two months of the announcement of the ruling.

The law firm FB Avoca confirmed that “the decisions to refuse visas were purely political decisions and freed from any legal basis,” adding that they “caused a great deal of harm to French agricultural companies, which import labor from Morocco.”

The lawyer Anna Fatou Babu, said that “the agricultural sector in France suffers from a great shortage of labor, and to overcome this weakness, visas must be granted to expatriate workers, especially Moroccan workers during the agricultural season.”

This judicial ruling issued against the French government by the French judiciary comes to face the decision of the French authorities that has set severe rules to reduce the granting of visas to Moroccan citizens.

Maha Ftiri

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