The European Court of Justice issued a new rule of forbidding Hijab in workplaces


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The European Court of Justice issued a decision that forbid wearing Hijab in companies and workplaces, and the rule issued by the European court will not be against female workers on a religious ground, but it will be under the pretext of “observing impartiality and prohibiting the wearing of all signs that constitute direct discrimination between employees.”

The highest court in the European Union, decided in its latest decision that “companies can now ban Hijab in a background that the hijab should not be discriminating between employees.”

The European Court of Justice ruling follows a case brought by a young Muslim woman against a Belgian company that refused to accept her internship. Where she filed a complaint seeking advice from the court that the refusal was illegal because it was done at the background of her religious beliefs.

On the other hand, the company said that it follows a neutral rule that does not allow the wearing of a head covering, whether a hat, cap or scarf.

While the Luxembourg Supreme Court said that, “there is no direct discrimination in this a ban, so that the employer can forbid wearing Hijab if the policy of neutrality is stipulated in the labor regulations,” adding that the internal rule of any economic activity that prohibits the wearing of religious or philosophical signs Or the spiritual that can be seen “does not constitute direct discrimination if it is applied to all workers in a general and non-discriminatory manner, and therefore the matter does not violate the Belgian anti-discrimination law.”

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