Bank Al-Maghrib..Moroccan dirham advances against the euro

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Bank Al-Maghrib reported that the dirham Has been rised by 0.99 percent against the euro, while it decreased by 1.21 percent against the US dollar, during the month of October.

The Central Bank, in its latest weekly report, shows that in October 7, 2022, official reserve assets arrived to 339.1 billion dirhams.

In the same matter, the level of the banking market of the average daily trading volume arrived to 5.5 billion dirhams.

Additionally, the banking rate during this period averaged about 2.01 percent, and Bank Al-Maghrib recorded an amount of 51.6 billion dirhams in advances for 7 days.

Regarding the stock market, the MASI index recorded a stability compared to the previous week.

Maha Ftiri

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