Algeria made many conditions to improve it’s relations with France


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Tunisian political analyst Najib al-Dziri, said in a hosting private radio meeting, that Algeria has made a condition to the French Prime Minister Elizabeth Borne During her recent visit to “Mouradia” Palace.

The requirement, is to move French companies from Morocco to Tunisia in exchange for the return of relations between the two parties so as to improve realtions between the counntries mentioned before.

In the same matter, people after the meeting responded negatively to what Najib al-Dziri said, where they have announced that his analyse to the situation between Algeria and France has no evidence to be confirmed.

On the other hand, Others considered that everything was possible, and the request that they made to France was a “cold war” policy led by Algeria against all Moroccans and their project.

A number of leaders on social media,  reacted to what the Algerian analyst said, where they confirmed  that France was the only loser in this situation.

In addition, Others said that “France will lose the second customer by this decision, so where is Algeria … who follows Algeria will lose. ”

Maha Ftiri


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