“Body”.. as a slogan of the International Festival of Women Directors


Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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The “Aquarium” theater and the “Anfas” theater are organizing their first edition of the “International Festival of Women Filmmakers” that has a participation of female directors from Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, France, Romania and Spain, in Rabat, in order to celebrate the creative female names in the world of directing.

In a special call between The director, Naima Zaitan, and “Baladna 24”, she said that the idea of organizing an international festival for women filmmakers came from the Aquarium Theater, and exactly by the managing director, Awatef Zaitan.

In the same matter, the idea of this festival was agreed upon and another troupe that had to be chosen to work on this subject, where the “Afas” troupe was chosen.

In the same context, the director said, “A preamble has been defined, in which we touched on the details of the festival, the topics we will work on, the goals, and the message we want to send to the audiance.”

Naima Zaitan added, that it was agreed on “body” as the title of the festival, because the body is the most important part that moves the actor and actress on the stage before the script and scenography.

On the other hand, Naima said that: “The phenomenon of the modest presence of women directors is a global phenomenon not only in Morocco, that’s why we worked on this festival in order to let women to attend as directors and framers in the “Master Class” and as a writer in the brochure that will be published on the festival.

At the end, the director and participant in the festival, Fatima Al-Zahra’a said “Baladna 24”,  that “She is happy to be part of the first edition of the International Festival of Women Directors, especially that she will participate in a work where she worked with a wonderful team.”

Soukaina sghir

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