The problem of food security in Africa, is One of Morocco’s priorities to fix


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The Sherifian Office of Phosphates, Presented the specific budget to support food security of Africa
for the next year, which has been represented in an amount of four million tons of
fertilizer to face this bad situation.
The Director-General of the OCP Africa, Mohamed Anwar Jamali,during the third edition of the African
Fertilizer Finance Forum, organized by the African Development Bank Group and several partners on Wednesday,
said that The purpose of this initiative is to “Strengthen food security in addition of the weak sales
of the OCP on the African continent, which is estimated in about two million tons last year”.
In the same context, Jamali explained that this new movement will be as a benefit for 40 countries
that will be activated, and It will be accomplished with the contribution of actors and institutions
interested in food security for africa.

Maha ftiri
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