Morocco on of the top 20 favorite destinations in the world


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Many countries agreed that Morocco is one of the top 20 favorite destinations to travel in the world,
and This classification came after the bad situation that the country knew after corona virus, 
especially while the bad experience that the tourism sector had a real crisis during the period of corona virus.

As a result, the tourism sector lived a positive development During the past months.where the international 
magazine specialized in tourism, "Condé Nast Traveler", disclosed that Morocco is among the 20 global
destinations preferred by tourists and travelers around the world.
The magazine mentioned before, added that Morocco is one of the countries that works on attracting
tourists from all over the world, It also has many qualifications and tourist accommodations, and The "Mamounia"
Hotel ranked as the best hotels in the world.
The magazine indicated that Morocco was chosen in among 48 countries, that they put it for the readers 
in order to vote on the best country or tourist destination for the benefit of
tourists and travelers who tour the world. 

Maha Ftiri
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