Violent fight between Moroccans in Italy ends with the death of one of them


Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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An Italian newspaper has announced the death of a Moroccan citizen in the Italian city of Florence, in the Italian city Florensa, after a violent fight that happened between five other young Moroccans.

During the early hours of Sunday morning, The Italian police found out two Moroccan people, in a serious condition, on the street, the first is 27 years old, and they have been moved directly to the hospital to undergo lung surgery, after being shot in the back.

The second young man is 24 years old, who was unable to escape but he died because of his injuries before arriving at the hospital, despite attempts to rescue him at the scene of the accident, where he was stabbed in the neck and back.

According to the Italian newspaper mentioned before, the two young men were accompanied by five other Moroccans, with whom they entered into a conflict, in addition to the forensic medicine, is trying to find out exactly what happened and clarify the details of the incident.

Soukaina sghir

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