Sanaa Akroud expressing her anger because of women cutting their hair


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“Stop violence against women”, many Moroccan women  have adopted the political symbolism of cutting their hair as a syùbol of solidarity of what happening to Iranian women in terms of conflicts with the police. in addition of  artists, journaliste,and actors, have launched a digital campaign under the title”For Massa Amini, Mariam and Others” to battle against all forms of violence against women.

The participants in this digital movement, cut their hair which is an old tradition symbolizing anger, mourning and rejection of injustice, in the same matter, the moroccan actrice “SANAE AKROUD” said about this digital movement, that “Seeing famous women and others circulating this ritual, spoiled my immersion and belief in this case.Sanaa Akroud added, through a post she posted on the Instagram , that these movements and behaviors made women lose their respect toward their bodies, and she added, “Yes, I was disturbed because I felt it is a weak treatement of what happened and these movements are immature.”

on the other hand, Sanae Akroud said that expressing asking for our own rights or freedom is a mature act that need a lot of confidence and self-love.

Maha Ftiri



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