FAO: Morocco’s drought is the reason for the lack production of wheat in Africa


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The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO),  confirmed In its report, named by  that the impact of drought and adverse weather conditions on wheat crops in North Africa, and specifically in Morocco, is responsible for the bulk of the decline in production in Africa.

The report showed, that cereal production in Morocco decreased by 68 percent during the this year, compared to the last year, and the amount of crops declined from 10.5 million tons last year, to 3.3 million tons this year.

The FAO report, mentioned that the reason for this lackness in cereal production on the African continent this year is bad weather conditions, and Morocco recorded about 7.5 million tons of wheat crops, Last year, while this year it recorded 2.5 million tons.

As for the coarse grains of barley and corn, Morocco produced almost 2.9 million tons of them last year, and this year its production witnessed a sharp decline to 800,000 tons, while rice production did not exceed 100,000 tons.

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