3 years in jail for a Moroccan in Italy who harassed a girl

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A judge of the Court of the First Instance of the Italian city of Umbria has taken a judgment toward a Moroccan immigrant to a suspended three-year prison for harassment, death threats and intimidation.

According to the Italian news website “Perugia Today”, the judgement came, after 5 years the incident of harassment made by the Moroccan immigrant, on August 7, 2017.

The Moroccan criminal accused harassed and flirted in a vulgar manner with a girl who was accompanied by her brother in the public street, where her brother ask him to stop harassing his sister, but he beat him and threatened to kill him after placing a broken bottle of wine on his neck.

The criminal also asked the girl’s brother during the quarrel, not to interfere in her private matters.

In the same matter, an Italian website mentioned that the judge considered that the behaviour of the Moroccan immigrant was clearly aimed at intimidating the victim, while the Public Prosecution demanded the Court of Appeal to confirm the conviction.

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