one million euros compensation for a Moroccan who killed his wife because of jealousy in Italy


Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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A 40s Moroccan citizen in Italy, killed his wife because of jealousy on Thursday, the thing that made the Italian authorities to arrest him, and made him pay an compensation to the victim’s family estimated at more than one million euros, and a life imprisonment for the murder of his 31-year-old wife.

The victim was a mother of three children, and was beaten to death by her husband two years ago on November 24, 2020 due to pathological jealousy.

According to the Italian Public Prosecution, the killer husband made the decision to kill his wife long before the execution of his crime, and the victim went to the anti-violence center of the municipality in which she was residing, after threats and violent behavior from her husband.

Searches of the accused’s phone conducted in the days preceding the crime revealed messages addressed to his wife containing expressions where he was confirming his criminal conviction.

Despite the accused’s defense attempt to justify his action by mental illness and rumors that prompted him to commit his crime toward his wife, psychological expertise confirmed through its reports the mental health of the accused and his ability to understand and comprehend.

The Moroccan killer should now pay a compensation of 300,000 euros to each of his children, 50,000 euros to each of his wife’s parents, and 10,000 euros to each of the victim’s brothers.

soukaina sghir

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