Morocco allocates 3 million dollar to protect bees from Faroese disease

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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The government spokesman, Mustafa Baytas, disclose that the government is ready to launch a national program to protect bees from pharozoa disease.

In a response to journalists’ questions, Baytas said that about 30 million dirhams were allocated for the campaign, which includes 900,000 beehives.

The government official added that this campaign will be carried out under the supervision of the National Office for the Safety of Food Products “ONSSA”.

In the same matter, Baytass explained that after the completion of this stage, there will be another move to a second stage, which concerns the reconstruction of beehives for beekeepers.

In this regard, the government spokesperson indicated that there is a program with a financial envelope of 150 million dirhams, for supervision and training.

soukaina sghir

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