15 hours of work and deprivation of toilet and medical treatment. «by a Moroccan business man”

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A Moroccan businessman has been arrested by the italian police due to hiring workers illegally in Italy, in his own chicken farms and in their fields, by using them and using their situation with an illegal way.

According to the Italian news website “Larena”, the Moroccan businessman who is in his  40s, exploited about 51 irregular immigrants from North Africa to work for him on chicken farms with salaries with an amount of 5 euros per hour, which is considered much less than what is stipulated in the labor law of Italy.

In the same matter, The number of working hours on the farms of the businessman mentioned before in Verona, Trento and Vicenza reaches more than 15 hours per day, which means that he was taking advantage of the workers’ lack of a residence permit, in addition of their fear of being deported to Morocco or other countries.

According to the Italian website, the Irregular migrant workers were being forced to work in rain, mud and wet soil, and their employer did not provide them with toilets, places to change clothes, or eve, a place where they can eat safely.

In addition to employing workers whose presence is illegal in the country, the Italian police also recorded violations related to the health safety of workers, depriving them of benefiting from medical treatment.

In the other hand, the police also confirmed that these illegal violations made the Moroccan businessman offer his products in the market with competitive prices.

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