Report: Opening up on the Netflix platform.. Has Moroccan cinema reached the road of safety?


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When we are treating cinematic openness, we are talking about the philosophy of global art between the embodiment and abstraction of all ideas and phenomena.

Previously, the “Netflix” streaming platform began showing a group of Arab films, as part of a strategy of opening up to the Arab world.


The Ministry of Culture and Netflix partnership:


On this matter, the Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, Mehdi Bensaïd, received on Monday a group of officials from “Netflix” for the Middle East and North Africa region.

The meeting focused on the possibility of signing a strategic partnership with the company concerned to produce Moroccan content and develop the film industry in Morocco, in addition to the Middle East and North Africa region.


Not ignoring the cinemas:


In this matter, it is possible to stand on the critical and analytical side from the point of view of the artists concerned.

In this background, “Moulim Al-Arousi’ said, to “Bladna24/eng”: “The country’s support for cinema halls is a good step in the path of a cultural field, and the main goal of this move is to stabilize movies and art, as it must be noted that watching a movie in cinema halls is not the same as watching it on television.

While talking about this move, we are treating the openness that may seem positive in view of the development that the theatre has been treating, through television and the transition into the cinema… However, the theatre still occupies an important space and attracts the attention of the recipient due to the warmth that it reflects on the spectator.


Mollim added, in a statement to “Baladna 24/eng”, that the move to open up to the Netflix platform is a good step, which can give directors an opportunity to open up to new ideas and artistic creativity, but the most important thing, “not to ignore the cinema halls and provide them with the necessary support.”

Searching for safety:

In contrast, the Moroccan actor Idris Al-Roukh expressed, in a statement to “Baladna 24/eng”, that opening up to a platform like Netflix is a step that will contribute to opening up to a national and international market and a variety of businesses, In addition to the quality with its differences, as well as the features of presenting the different works.

However, it will be a step that will enable the highlighting of the mechanisms and techniques of Moroccan cinema and the philosophy of Moroccan cinema towards society and the world.

Idris Al-Roukh added, “At the same time, it should be noted that we are today in the framework of creating cinematic popularity at the level of art, creativity and pluralism, but it does not mean that we have reached the path of safety because the real safety is creating multiple cinemas in addition to the screens.”

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