Morocco welcomes the plan negotiated by the United States to delimit the Lebanese-Israeli maritime border


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Morocco has accepted the American plan to set the Israel-Lebanon maritime borders for the reason of resolving a long-running conflict between the two nations.

“We welcome the efforts made by the United States,” diplomatic sources told a private source of “Bladna24 Eng”.

The American efforts will work on the “achievement of major steps in the demarcation of the maritime borders between Israel and Lebanon, contributing to achieving stability in the region and guaranteeing the well-being of its peoples”, added the same source.

US mediator Amos Hochstein submitted the proposal to Lebanese and Israeli officials on Saturday. The proposal proposes mediation to help find a solution to the maritime border dispute between the two countries mentioned above.

Negotiations to determine the maritime border between Israel and Lebanon began on October 14, 2020, but the two countries have not reached a resolution for their ongoing territorial and natural gas dispute.

however, Morocco sought to take a similar step in July 2022, so as to ease dialogue on the opening of the Jordan-Israel Allenby crossing.

Dismissed Transport Minister Merav Michaeli thanked the United States and Morocco for their efforts to promote peace and prosperity in the Middle East.

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