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South Africa’s General Elections;; Why This Year’s Vote Is the Most Uncertain in Three Decades

Approximately 27.6 million South Africans will head to the polls to elect

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Madagascar Gears Up for Elections with Nearly 11.5 Million Expected Voters

The "annual electoral list revision" outcomes were unveiled yesterday, on Friday, March

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South Africa Sets Date for General Elections: May 29, 2024

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has officially announced May 29, 2024, as

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Countdown to DRC Elections: Will Electoral Material Be Deployed Nationwide on Schedule?

With just three days remaining until the elections, the National Independent Electoral

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DRC Elections: Citizens Grapple with Monetization of Voter ID Duplicates

As the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) prepares for general elections

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Re-run of Local Elections in Ivory Coast Following Nullification of Results

Due to irregularities, elections in nine municipalities and one region were annulled

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Togo: Legislative and Regional Elections Set for “End of the First Quarter” 2024

Togolese citizens now have a tentative date for the legislative and regional

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The Intersection of Spanish Elections and Diplomatic Relations with Morocco

The political landscape in Spain is set to witness a significant event

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Nigeria’s Elections Shake Public Trust in Voting, Say EU Observers

According to the final report of European Union observers, the electoral proceedings

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Gabon.. Elections set for 26th August, Ali Bongo Has Strong Chances

Tuesday 26th August is the date announced by the Gabonese government for

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