WeAfrica 24 Politics is a category that covers the analysis and reporting of political events, policies, and leaders at the local, national, and international level. It deals with the processes and systems through which decisions are made and implemented by governments, political parties, and other organizations that have a role in public governance. News articles within this category often focus on elections, appointments, bills, laws, and other official acts, as well as the political ideologies, opinions, and interests of those involved. The politics category is crucial in keeping the public informed about the actions and decisions of those in power, and how these actions impact society.

Latest POLITICS News

Burundi: The Repatriation of Former President Pierre Buyoya’s Remains

The remains of former Burundian President Pierre Buyoya, who succumbed to COVID-19

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Sudan: Mixed Outcomes from Addis Ababa Meeting Aimed at Ending the War

A five-day meeting held at the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa,

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Congo-Brazzaville: Media Union SYLACC Suspends Strike Notice but Maintains Pressure

The Free Union of Communication Agents (SYLACC) initially issued a strike notice

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Presidential and Legislative Elections in Rwanda.. High Turnout in Kigali on Election Day

The Rwandan population cast their votes in the presidential and legislative elections.

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Escape from Koutoukalé Prison in Niger: Military Operations Continue to Hunt Down Fugitives

The Nigerien army stated on Saturday evening following the recent escape of

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Algerian Presidential Election: Louisa Hanoune Withdraws, Citing “Unjust Conditions”

In a significant development for the upcoming presidential election in Algeria, Louisa

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High Turnout as Rwanda Votes in Presidential and Legislative Elections

Polling stations across Rwanda opened at 5:00 UTC on July 15th, 2024,

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Suspect Arrested in Investigation of Women’s Bodies Found in Kenyan Landfill

A major break has been achieved in the investigation into the discovery

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Central African Republic: Resumption of French Budgetary Aid on the Horizon

The Ministry of Finance of the Central African Republic has announced the

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