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Morocco: Oil prices dropped this morning

The oil prices dropped today morning, while the United States is working

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Israeli Agriculture Minister: the Cooperation with Morocco in the field of agriculture has broad prospects

The Israel's Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ode Furel, said that

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Casablanca stock exchange opens session down

The Casablanca Stock Exchange began Tuesday’s trading with indecator down, whith the

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Younes Sekkouri: Nearly 27,000 Moroccan workers abroad at the end of August

Nearly 27,000 Moroccans entered the labour market abroad at the end of

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The Franco-Moroccan Producer NAMX unveils its hydrogen capsule distribution system

The French-Moroccan car manufacturer, NAMX, unveiled its hydrogen capsule distribution system and

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Morocco: Oil prices are rising again

The fuel prices in morocco are going in a high increase since

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A new rise in fuel prices in Morocco

Moroccan Citizens were surprised by the rise in gasoline prices at all

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Bank Al-Maghrib..Moroccan dirham advances against the euro

Bank Al-Maghrib reported that the dirham Has been rised by 0.99 percent

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Tourism expert to “Baladna24Eng”: We have only recovered 53 percent of international tourism

The Moroccan tourism sector is having a “steady” growth of 5% on

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Uk removed trade barriers from Morocco’s alcohol drinks markets

The Trade barriers has been removed by the UK government in Morocco,

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